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Picture of Bengal Cat - A Cats Paradise   A Cats Paradise
Terry Vickers
Member Since: January 2008

Larkspur, CO

Tel: (303) 807-3638

Email: catzlady8@msn.com


Kittens Available
  The Home of Exotic Bengals & Savannahs
Colorado, USA
Picture of Bengal Cat - A Safari Cattery   A Safari Cattery
Matthew and Bridget
Member Since: September 2014

Greeley, Colorado 80634

Tel: (970) 302-4501

Email: baesoph@gmail.com


  We sell Savannah and Bengals kittens. Exotic cats and kittens. Ship international and within the United States. Hybrids of African Serval and Asian leopard  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Abambu Cattery   Abambu Cattery
DeAnna Lee
Member Since: July 2007

Thornton, Colorado

Tel: (720) 977-9797

Email: deannagulke@aol.com


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Kittens Available
  Abambu Cattery is a small boutique in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. We strive to produce great temperaments with awesome type. Our kittens are played with many times a day and part of their socialization includes educational programs.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - AbsoluteSilk Bengals   AbsoluteSilk Bengals
Austin Psaila
Member Since: March 2009

St Julians STJ1920 Malta

Tel: 0035679255209
Tel: 0035627366582

Email: bengals@maltanet.net
Email: austin@absolutesilkbengal.com

Kittens Available
  We are home to the first Bengal Cat on the beautiful Island of Malta! We are the first to import this cutting edge breed of cats, with stunning colors of brown, silver & snow rosetted leopards! We work only with the top breeders in the world to bring you the most exotic, loving & healthy kittens that can be produced. All our kittens are raised at home, together with our children, grandchildren & our loving Great Dane Lilly.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Acappella Bengals   Acappella Bengals
Larry Doeppenschmidt
Member Since: June 2009

New Braunfels, Texas

Tel: (830) 494-1672
Tel: (830) 625-1520 (ATT Cell)

Email: larry@acappellabengals.com


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Kittens Available
  We are a small Tica registered home cattery in New Braunfels, Texas. With our excellent bloodlines, we produce outstandingly beautiful Bengals with sweet temperaments. Our goal is to place well-socialized Bengals to further the Bengal breed and bring joy to families. Accepting deposits for upcoming litters. Call for details on up-coming litters 830-494-1672 or 830-625-1520 ATT Cell.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Acute Bengals   Acute Bengals
Winnie Harner
Member Since: March 2008


Tel: 717-889-1012

Email: acutebengals@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  We are a small in home cattery ) in northeastern (Schuylkill county) Pennsylvania. Providing quality Bengals with pampered under foot attention.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Adorable Clarkstone Bengals   Adorable Clarkstone Bengals
Dave Clark
Member Since: September 2006

New Braunfels ,Texas

Tel: (830) 609-4601

Email: dwfromtx@aol.com


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Kittens Available
  C U B S '' A V A I L A B LE '' N O W ! Adorable Clarkstone Bengals is located on the banks of the Guadalupe river in New Braunfels ,Texas. We breed only the very best lines . I W S G C bloodlines . Producing the best spotted,snows and marble's isn't an accident....we are the hardest working folks in the bengal business.If you are looking for TOP QUALITY , we got it here. Our cubs are sweet natured, with exotic patterns. We gaurentee the health and temperments of our lines , provide free shipping and we're friendly folks too. Clarkstone is an open cattery that provides stud services. With reasonable fee's and a breeding gaurentee our stud services are in high demand. Clarkstone also is always interested in rescues......need help? We are proud member in good standing and in agreement with the ethics of TICA and TIBCS associations. We would like to invite you and yours to our wonderful cattery and experience our beautiful bengals......appointments are needed. Please contact us today at 830-609-4601 or at www. Clarkstonebengals.com....and ask for PAT....  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Africadabra   Africadabra
Sheryl Swanson
Member Since: August 2010

Shingletown, California

Tel: (530) 474-1344

Email: saswanson@ymail.com
Email: AFcattery@yahoo.com

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  Africadabra cattery raises a few litters yearly of the ever popular Bengal . We believe that having a well socialized kitten to send to a new home is very important , so we spend daily 1 on 1 with each kitten and keep them in the house, under-foot, and even take them traveling with us. Attention is given to ensure a nutritious diet for kittens and breeders. We keep our prices competitive! Go to web site for additional information, pictures & pricing! *********New litter expected January 10, from our beautiful stud ---HARLEY  
Picture of Bengal Cat - AllAboutBengals   AllAboutBengals
Roy Bates
Member Since: April 2012

Fort Worth, Texas

Tel: (817) 408--0750

Email: info@allaboutbengals.com


Kittens Available
  We strive for premium Bengals that are absolutely gorgeous, healthy, and with the best of temperament for years of love and companionship. Our Bengals are living mystical canvases of artwork that catches the eye. You will love spending hours watching these graceful, shimmering, elegant creatures as they move throughout your home. You just can't help noticing. If you are visiting AllAboutBENGALS because you are wanting to learn more... researching, investigating, and wondering more and more about this very special breed of cat; well, let me tell you, I've been there. I know what it is like! The excitement and curiosity grows like a fever…. turning into an obsession.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Alora Cats - Bengal  & Savannah Cats   Alora Cats - Bengal & Savannah Cats
Marlon Azada | Jennifer Simper
Member Since: May 2014


Tel: (303) 912-1224
Tel: (713) 819-1362

Email: aloracats@gmail.com


  We are a small, in-house cattery that focuses on breeding top of the line Savannah cats that our healthy and well-socialized. Our goal is to produce exquisitely beautiful, healthy and very exotic looking cats that strongly resemble their wild ancestry while maintaining a sweet, loving, and gentle personality important to a lifelong companion. Our kittens are most importantly socialized daily and are accustomed to all the sounds of a busy household.

Our Savannahs have not only been chosen for temperament and health, but, for their beauty as well! They descend from the best Savannah lines in the world. We strongly suggest getting on our kitten wait list if you want to reserve one of our kittens and of course no obligation to purchase if on our list. ​Please visit us on Facebook
Picture of Bengal Cat - Amunra Cattery   Amunra Cattery
Katie Grashel
Member Since: January 2008

Elkhorn, WI

Tel: (262) 903-8832

Email: amunracattery@yahoo.com


  Beautiful Pedigreed Kittens from Our Home to Yours!!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Aristakatz Forest City Bengals   Aristakatz Forest City Bengals
Susan Meakin
Member Since: October 2009

London, Ontario, Canada

Tel: 1-519-858-0928

Email: smeakin@robarts.ca


Kittens Available
  Aristakatz is a small in-home cattery located in South Western Ontario. I am working with both rosetted patterns as well as marbles on a medium to large-boned cat (8-14 lbs). I currently have foundation animals with both brown and/or black marbling patterns as well as the spotted/rosetted patterns overlaid on a range of background colors including Tricolored (gold, brown, black), Silver as well as Snow. Kittens are raised under foot and are well socialized. Aristakatz Bluewatered Nights is shown at 4 months and will be an outstanding stud.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Aristocrat Bengals   Aristocrat Bengals
Member Since: August 2012

Clarkston, Michigan

Tel: (855) 424-9910

Email: rikisimon4@gmail.com


  Aristocrat Bengals is proud to offer majestic Bengal cats. If are looking for a unique family friend we can provide you with the perfect pet.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - AsiaRose Bengals   AsiaRose Bengals
Member Since: July 2008


Tel: (605) 660-0773

Email: AsiaRoseExotics@earthlink.net


Kittens Available
  Glittered leopards with affection and charm. Exotic patterned, rosetted babies, raised in home, handled from birth. Socialized and pampered! Health guarantee, vet checked, pedigree, contract and support for the life of your bengal. All inquiries welcome! Registered members of TICA/TIBCS. We also offer F3 Savannahs. FeLv/Fiv free cattery. Select kittens available for breeding or show..  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Atlantica Bengals   Atlantica Bengals
Wayne and Brandy Little
Member Since: January 2012

Havelock, North Carolina

Tel: (252) 652-7810

Email: bengalcat@atlanticabengals.com


  TICA/TIBCS Members

2011-13 Outstanding Cattery

Offering brown rosetted kittens from our show pets.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Badgers Bengals   Badgers Bengals
Rena, Badger
Member Since: March 2006

Nashua, New Hampshire

Tel: (603) 880-8901

Email: badgerbengal@aol.com


Kittens Available
  All kittens raised underfoot with NO cages. Awseome blood lines. Great looking kittens. Some of the best spots and rossettes in 14 years of breeding!!! Little Love leopards!!! We are only 45 minutes from Boston, Mass.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Bahiya Bengals   Bahiya Bengals
Christina Kennedy
Member Since: July 2006


Tel: 678-372-0535

Email: bahiyabengals@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  We are a hobby bengal cat breeder in Georgia selectively breeding for wild type, dramatic coats, outstanding temperaments and perfect health. Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines. Written health guarantee. We are dedicated to producing healthy, friendly kittens who closely match the breed standard put forth by TICA. We stand behind the babies we produce and take extra steps to ensure they are well socialized and loved before going to their new homes. All cats HCM normal by a certified cardiologist. When only the best will do! If you are interested in a Bahiya Bengal kitten, feel free to contact us anytime! We are always open to questions or comments you may have.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Bambusa Forest   Bambusa Forest
Julie Angelloz
Member Since: May 2008

Thibodaux, Louisiana

Tel: (985) 803-0913

Email: bambusaforest@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  Bambusa Forest Cattery is a Bengal Cat Sanctuary and Breeder. First and foremost, we have a love for cats, which means that our cats and kittens are highly socialized and loved on a daily basis. From the day they are born, Bambusa Forest cats are surrounded by children and other cats and dogs.

We strive for exotic looking cats, excellent health and extreme contrast. Our cats live in a relaxed and comfortable environment in Southern Louisiana. They have plenty of time outdoors in the fresh air, as well as indoors.

If you are looking for that perfect Bengal Cat whose appearance is wild and demeanor is mild, look no further than the Bambusa Forest........
Picture of Bengal Cat - BazPets Bengals   BazPets Bengals
Jody Bazium
Member Since: May 2008

Tustin, Michigan

Tel: (231) 878-1304

Email: jodysjunglecats@yahoo.com


  Exotic cattery located in Central Michigan. Our kittens are home raised, underfoot! We socialize and bottle feed our kittens for that "Extra Special Touch" and socialization that this breed requires. Kittens are vaccinated, and vet checked prior to leaving for their new homes. We will ship kittens weather permitting. Please visit our website, feel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions. We are always happy to talk to fellow cat lovers!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - BearBrook Bengals   BearBrook Bengals
Rosaida R Carini
Member Since: December 2009

Weeki Wachee, FL

Tel: (352) 596-3111



Kittens Available
  Bearbrook Bengals is a small cattery in central Florida. Our cats and kittens are loved, well socialized and raised underfoot. They interact not only with the family members but also with a boxer dog..

Our goal is to breed quality kittens that are social, well balanced and to improve the breed according to the Bengal Standards. We follow the Tica Code of Ethics.

All our cats and kittens come with health contract guarantee.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Bengal & Savannah   Bengal & Savannah
Mariya G.
Member Since: August 2010

Los Angeles, CA

Tel: (323) 590 8670

Email: kittenswithmittens@hotmail.com


  We breed super spunky, sugar sweet Bengal kittens. All kittens grow up around kids and our family dogs. Give us a shout and we'll be glad to match you with the perfect kitten.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Bengal Island Cat   Bengal Island Cat
Donna V. Haynes
Member Since: September 2009

Clarksville VA. 23927

Tel: (434) 738-5399

Email: bengalislandcat@aol.com


Kittens Available
  I breed to continue to improve the Bengal Cat, My cats are from Top Breeder Lines. I am breeding for the non fading black spots with black outlined rosettes, smooth clear coats and high glitter and shine. I am producing small ears, big eyes, and strong Hearts ! HCM Tested Neg. I Looking for the next outstanding cat to show, give me a call, I also have really nice pet kittens or breeder kittens available for you.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Bengaland Bengals   Bengaland Bengals
Hugh and Peggy Price
Member Since: November 2006

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Tel: (717) 243-8972

Email: Peggy.Price@comcast.net


Kittens Available
  HOME OF BEST BENGAL IN TICA - 2006 and 2007... KITTENS - RETIRED ADULTS available. Seven consecutive generations of Bengaland Supreme Grand Champions. Mid Atlantic Best Bengal Cat 2002 through 2007. TICA "Outstanding Cattery" & TIBCS "Cattery of Excellence". Beautiful wild looking rosetted brown/black - tri colored awesome marbles. Also, state of the art snows rosettes and marbles, blue, green and gold eyes. Well handled for outgoing confident loving temperaments...Providing Contracts, Health Guarantees and Vet checked at least twice to include Vaccinations. A MUST SEE!!!!!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Bengals Australia   Bengals Australia
Chris Winchester
Member Since: January 2011


Tel: (03) 5978-6962
Tel: 0412 403 145 (Mobile)

Email: chris@bengalsaustralia.com.au


Kittens Available
  We are Chris and Sharon Winchester and we live in Pearcedale near Mornington, Victoria. We raise a few sheep and we breed and show Bengal Cats under the BENGAL AUST prefix. I (Chris) have a Military background having served in the British Army and with The Australian Special Forces. I also spent 12 years with Community Services when I decided to continue the tradition started by my parents Geoff & Betty Ward who established the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain.

Two of our Bengals have been bred by Jean Mill who started the Bengal Breed.

We established Bengals Australia as a registered business and we export our kittens all over the world. We have established breeding lines which are healthy and which produce many show-quality cats. We are enjoying a successful show career with CCC of A titles and FCCVic titles being awarded to our cats.
Picture of Bengal Cat - BENGALS ROCK   BENGALS ROCK
Member Since: June 2012

The Rocky Saugeen, Ontario, Canada

Email: rockonbengals@gmail.com


Click here to see more photos 
Kittens Available
  Rock On Bengals ~ Natural Beauties Raised with Nurture and Nature ~ Socially well adapted F1 Cubs available to responsible, loving homes that clearly demonstrate a commitment to sharing life with these unique feline paragons. Or perhaps a traditional Bengal 5 or 6 generations from the Leopard Cat is a better fit with your personality and lifestyle. Either way, we offer outstanding Bengal Leopard cubs, kits and cats to qualifying applicants. You are encouraged to contact us for more information about our placement process. Worldwide shipping or personal delivery available to approved homes. Canadian CITES export permit included with all F1, F2, F3, F4 Early Generation cubs.

Longtime Recipients of the C.K.C. Life Membership Award

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ROCK YOUR WORLD ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Picture of Bengal Cat - Bengalutopia   Bengalutopia
Evelyn Mix
Member Since: November 2009

Elgin, IL

Tel: (847)875-Elevenhundred

Email: bengalutopia@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  We are a Bengal cattery located about 45 minutes west of the city of Chicago. Our love for animals is how we ended up with the interest in breeding Bengals.

Even when we do not have kittens available you can contact us for information or even to get on a waiting list for upcoming litters.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Bengaluvrs   Bengaluvrs
Susan Turachak
Member Since: June 2011

Arvada, Colorado

Tel: (720) 935-8558

Email: bengaluvrs@comcast.net


Kittens Available
  Bengaluvrs is a small in-home cattery located in Arvada, Colorado. All of our breeders are registered with TICA. Our goal is to have Bengal kittens that are loving, healthy, intelligent, beautiful and playful. Our kittens are raised in our home so that they receive the best care and socialization possible. They are played with constantly......  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Blackrock Bengals   Blackrock Bengals
Laura Buckley
Member Since: June 2011

Devon UK

Tel: 01288331126

Email: jacarandacats@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  Our Savannahs and Bengals are sourced from excellent breeding stock from some of the best Savannah and Bengal lines in the UK, America and Europe. Our aim is to produce strong healthy Bengal kittens/ Savannah kittens combining gorgeous coats with bold markings and extreme type to ensure exotic looking Bengals and Savannahs that will further the aims of both breeds.

We are members of TICA, The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain and The Savannah Cat Club of Great Britain.

Please see our website for Savannah and Bengal kitten availability.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Bodcau Bayou Bengals   Bodcau Bayou Bengals
Jamie D Trombley
Member Since: May 2008

Haughton, LA

Tel: 318 393-2124

Email: bodcaubayou@yahoo.com


  Bodcau Bayou Bengals is located in Northwest Louisiana. We specialize in very social Bengal kittens, raised by our unique family for your unique family. Kittens have outstanding rosettes on soft backgrounds which are only overshadowed by their exceptionally sweet personalities. Kittens are litter trained; scratching post trained, introduced to the leash and loved very much. FeLv negative cattery, Champion bloodlines, excellent pedigrees, Registered with The International Cat Association., health guarantee and all age appropriate shots.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Boyds Bengals of Savannah   Boyds Bengals of Savannah
Melody or Joshua Boyd
Member Since: June 2007

Savannah, Georgia

Tel: (912) 202 9750

Email: melodyboyd@boydsbengals.com
Email: joshuaboyd@boydsbengals.com

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Kittens Available
  We are a small in-home TICA registered cattery near beautiful Savannah, Georgia. We breed bengal cats with exotic markings, soft pelts and loving personalities. Kittens available year round. Contact us for more information!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Buccaneer Bengals   Buccaneer Bengals
Tammy Miller
Member Since: April 2011

Durant, OK

Tel: (580) 624-4066

Email: buccaneerbengals@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  Raising gorgeous Bengals in our home to share with others. Brown spotted, charcoal, silver, marble. Kittens available year round. Reserve your next best friend now. Has one stolen your heart yet?  
Picture of Bengal Cat - CafeKitty Savannahs & Bengals   CafeKitty Savannahs & Bengals
Randy & Christina Langelier
Member Since: May 2008

BC, Canada

Tel: 250.616.7113

Email: cafekitty@shaw.ca


Kittens Available
  Welcome to CafeKitty!!! We are excited to have you take a peek into our home and meet our beautiful extended family members.

Please take a moment and learn about these two awesome breeds and if you feel you would like to have one of our kittens join your home, visit our website to see availability of current litters.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Camelottaspots Bengals   Camelottaspots Bengals
Chris & Arden Morley
Member Since: May 2004


Tel: (951) 640-5293

Email: arden@camelottaspots.com


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Kittens Available
  Camelottaspots raises quality Bengals and Savannahs. Our kittens are given daily attention to maximize socialization such that the transition from our castle to yours goes as smoothly as possible. Our Bengals come in brown spotted, brown marble, silver spotted and silver marble.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Cavscout Bengals   Cavscout Bengals
Karen Madden
Member Since: November 2008

Rochester, Massachusetts

Tel: (508) 763-3006

Email: karenmadden04@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  We are a TICA registered cattery that strive to breed champion line Bengals to produce kittens that are as close to the Bengal standard as possible. Our kittens are raised in our home underfoot with our motto being "kid tested, grandmother approved". We try to choose the right home for the right kitten and are selective as to where our babies are placed when they go to their forever home!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Cazpurr Bengals   Cazpurr Bengals
Linda Johnson
Member Since: April 2007

North Carolina

Tel: (252) 838-1914

Email: bengalcat@cazpurr.com


Kittens Available
  Mark and Linda Johnson who are owned by their Bengal Family. I have been breeding since 1998. I have been showing in the Great Lakes region since 1999. All of our cats are raised under foot with tender loving care. I have my own SGRC bloodlines and we are in good standing with ACFA, TICA and TIBCS. Infact we are Breeders of Distinction. We usally have kittens and some retired cats available. Please go take a look.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Chicago Bengals   Chicago Bengals
Kelly LeFevre
Member Since: August 2012

Aurora, Illinois

Tel: (630) 606-4068

Email: kelly@keleonline.com


Watch My Video Click here to see more photos 
Kittens Available
  I HAVE 1 FEMALE KITTEN AVAILABLE! Plus new babies have arrived 12/22 I have 4 boys and 1 girl!! I have another litter at the end of January due as well! If Text me and I can send you a video 630-606-4068. Our kittens are raised in our home with our 5 year old son and Our 1 Labradors and 1 goldendoodle. As you can imagine between our son and all my neices and nephews they will get tons of love and socialization. Call me anytime to ask questions 630-606-4068. I am sure you will fall in love with the breed like I have! On my website you can sign up for my newsletter and get update pics as we go along through their pregnancy. As you can tell we are so excited!! www.chicagobengal.com  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Choctaw Bengals   Choctaw Bengals
Bill and Lorraine Brown
Member Since: June 2013

New Braunfels, Texas

Tel: (830) 620-4346

Email: grannybrown21@hotmail.com

Website Coming Soon!
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Kittens Available
  We are a small family run cattery, with Tica registered cats. Our King and Queens have champion blood lines, and were hand picked from top breeders. We pride ourselves in the socialization of our kittens, and the beautiful rosettes that they have.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Columbia River Bengals   Columbia River Bengals
Jennifer Hendricks
Member Since: August 2010

Pasco, Washington

Tel: (509) 438 7201

Email: info@columbiariverbengals.com


Kittens Available
  We raise beautiful brown, silver and snow bengals in our home where they receive individual attention and love. They are TICA registered, vacinnated, wormed and very well socialized before going to their new home..

We welcome you to come and visit our home to pick out your new baby and they can go home at 11-13 weeks of age.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Countryside Bengals   Countryside Bengals
Gigi Borg
Member Since: April 2004

Penngrove, CA

Tel: 707-792-5905

Email: info@countrysidecats.com


Kittens Available
  We raise beautiful Bengals with love and care!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Couture Cats   Couture Cats
Kaleena Lee
Member Since: April 2006


Email: leetlee07@aol.com

Website Coming Soon!
Kittens Available
  At Couturecats we only have a few litters a year. We have 2 SBT queens and one F2 queen. Each and every litter is a very exciting event. Kittens are born and raised in the house. They are born in our bedroom and by 4 or 5 weeks they have free run of the house and are in the middle of everything! our cats are our hearts and we put 100% into producing the very best kitten anyone could ask for! They are guaranteed to be sweet loving babies that will be wondeful life time companions for any family. Our babies are raised with our boxer and peekapoo dogs, macaw, and other kitties. They are played with by my 2 wonderful nephews (1 yr and 7 yrs old.) and are used to all of the every day house hold stuff. We guarantee you a wonderful pre spoiled baby, if you guarantee us a wonderful lifetime home for our little ones! Hand delivered anywhere in the midwest and shipped counter to counter to anywhere else. We LOVE company and love to show off our "little zoo" if someone is interested in visiting us here in Missouri! WWW.COUTURECATS.NET  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Crazy Cat People Bengals   Crazy Cat People Bengals
Sara and Ben Kendrick
Member Since: February 2013

Kathyrn Alberta

Tel: (403) 935-3511

Email: benjamin_kendrick@hotmail.com


Watch My Video 
Kittens Available
  We are a small in home cattery that strives to improve the breed with each litter. Our kittens stay with us until they are 12 weeks of age. All of our kittens are TICA registered, shots, vet checks, Health guarantee and microchipped. We are located on a rural property just outside Calgary Alberta Canada.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - DarkMoon Bengals   DarkMoon Bengals
Vickie Schenk
Member Since: January 2010


Tel: (352) 263-6017 Cell

Email: darkmoonkittens@hotmail.com


Kittens Available
  From the sunscorched trees and sands of a forbidden jungle to the sun kissed sand and timeworn beaches of sunny Florida, DarkMoon has brought the unpredictability, exotic looks of the "Jungle Asian Leopard" from Asia into your home. DarkMoon bengals are truly domestic, with a "touch" of the wild through their exotic looks, wild patterns, regal heads and idiosyncracies.

A DarkMoon bengal will bring joy, pleasure and a warm feeling of contentment and never ending joy into your home.

Choose a waterloving playful bengal that will play ball with you like a puppy, shower with you like a best friend, and sleep at your feet as a constant companion from DarkMoon kittens. Your newest companion will be happy healthy and well socialized. Genetics are important to me at DarkMoon therefore pedigrees are researched and studied to bring you a healthy kitten with a healthy attitude.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Dentons Bengals   Dentons Bengals
Stefni Denton
Member Since: May 2011


Tel: 630-715-6616

Email: stefni.denton@gmail.com


Watch My Video Click here to see more photos 
Kittens Available
  We have kittens! If you'd like to be on our email list, send your information to stefni.denton@gmail.com Our goal is to help you get the best Bengal pet with the best start possible: people, dog and cat friendly, a health guarantee and a great Starter Kit...all for a reasonable price. $200 deposit reserves your kitten.

Instant fun, just add a bengal to your life!

Please email us for kittens under evaluation for breeder/show prospects. www.dentonsbengals.net
Picture of Bengal Cat - Designer Spots Bengal Cats   Designer Spots Bengal Cats
Jennifer Malone
Member Since: June 2005

San Diego, CA

Tel: 619-208-1561

Email: designerspots@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  UPDATED 1/16/15 SILVER AND BROWN ROSETTED BENGAL KITTENS AVAILABLE NOW! $800. SEE THEIR PICS ON THE BENGAL KITTENS PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE! We are devoted to raising top quality Bengals with exotic appearance and loving temperaments. Small home-based TICA registered cattery. Health guarantee. Shipping available throughout the U.S. See our website kittens page for updated photos and prices.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Diamond Dust Cats   Diamond Dust Cats
Dana Cruz
Member Since: February 2015

West Allis, WI

Tel: (414) 916-3262

Email: dana@diamonddustcats.com


Kittens Available
  Diamond Dust Bengals is a small bengal cattery located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All of our bengal babies are raised in our home, with our 2 small children, as a part of our family. We strive to produce the very best quality kittens, conforming to the TICA Bengal Standard. We are a TICA Registered Outstanding Cattery.

We take pride in the health, quality, and personality of each and every one of our kittens. All breeding cats have been screened HCM Negative, PK Def tested, rigorously health tested, and color tested, to ensure your kitten is of the highest quality.

We take the time to interact and socialize each kitten as they grow, building and enforcing a loving bond that lasts a lifetime. All kittens will be vaccinated, micro chipped, de-wormed, socialized, PK Def tested, TICA Registered, and come with a health guarantee.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Dolly Cats   Dolly Cats
Member Since: November 2007

Dorset countryside in a village called Corfe Mullen

Tel: 01202880093



Kittens Available
  Dollycats is located in the Dorset countryside in a village called Corfe Mullen, between Wimborne and Poole and on the borders of Hampshire, not too far from the New Forest. We breed Bengal cats as well and have kittens available at most times. We will also be breeding the very exclusive Savannah Cat in 2008.

All of our cats are fully vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped. They are registered with either the GCCF or TICA and come with a pedigree certificate and several goody bags. They are bred from championship British and American lines and are handled from the day they are born to ensure you have a loving, sociable and confident kitten.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Dreamcoats Bengals   Dreamcoats Bengals
Vicki Lynn Myers
Member Since: May 2011

Tony Candler Court, Asheville, NC 28715

Tel: (828) 667-4514

Email: vmyers@charter.net


  Growing up on a large Dairy farm in East Tennessee enabled me to have pets of all kinds in my childhood. My pets consisted of dogs, cats and rescued wild life. I had the opportunity to hand raise many animals as a child. I have been very blessed to have many wonderful pets. At the top of that list, has been our Bengals.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Drinkwater Bengals   Drinkwater Bengals
Doreen Boileau
Member Since: January 2000

New Port Richey, Florida

Tel: (727)860-5906

Email: drink02@aol.com


  We live on the Gulf of Mexico and breed for high contrast, big bold markings, size, and healthly well socialized Bengal kittens. Show/breeder/Pet available all year around  
Picture of Bengal Cat - EdenRanch Bengals   EdenRanch Bengals
Racheal Johnson
Member Since: August 2007

New Braunfels, Texas

Tel: (830) 708-3651

Email: racheal@edenranchbengals.com


Click here to see more photos 
Kittens Available
  Beautiful Bengal Kittens ....... Wonderful Natures .......Champion Lines ...... Guarentee of Health and Temperament..... Lovely Rosetted with lots of glittering and plush pelt....Raised in our home.....In the Heart of the Texas Hill Country....Ready to Love. Your very own Bengal.  
Willie Richardson
Member Since: April 2010

Selmer, TN

Tel: (731) 645-0230

Email: enchanted_kits@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  Enchanted Kits Bengals is a small in-home cattery where kittens are lovingly raised underfoot to ensure socialization. We strive for "wild, exotic looking" Bengals that look like they just stalked out of the jungle but with sweet, affectionate dispositions.

Here at Enchanted Kits Bengals, we concentrate on the "total package", as we are apparently greedy and want it all- sound health, temperment, conformation, exceptional coats & patterns dripping with glitter. :-) Our backgrounds in animal husbandry, science & medicine make those factors the "cornerstones" of our programs. Our beloved Bengals range from F1s-SBTs. We have a rainbow of colors to offer. Beautiful Browns, Stunning Silvers & Striking "Snows" in both spotted/rosetted & marbled.

All our Bengals come with a written health guarantee/contract, UTD vet care, health checks & "extras". We do offer discounts on multiple kitten purchases.

Bengals are our passion & this is the hobby we're dedicated to. Thankfully, we have successful careers so showing and raising kittens is our honour and not a business. Kittens available to loving forever homes. We occassionally offer showing/breeding kittens to established and approved breeders. Shipping available and even partial delivery available on a case by case basis. Please visit our website to learn more about us and veiw our gorgeous Bengals.

"Add a little magic to your life...with an Enchanted kit".
Picture of Bengal Cat - Epic Bengals   Epic Bengals
Elizabeth McCain
Member Since: September 2007

Elizabethtown, IN

Tel: (812) 579-6501
Tel: (812) 350-7334 cell

Email: jemccain@sbcglobal.net


Kittens Available
  Epic Bengals is a small home based cattery located in southern Indiana. We specialize in brown spotted and have ALC's to SBT's in our breeding program. We focus on type, bold rosettes, glitter and pelted coats, along with dependable, loving personalities. We spend a great deal of time with the kittens and cats to socialize them as family members. Our kittens come with a written health guarantee, a veterinary physical and up to date vaccinations. We are members of TICA (The International Cat Association) and all of our cats/kittens are TICA registered.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Estate Bengals   Estate Bengals
Olivia A. Fisher
Member Since: January 2012


Tel: (850) 462-3588

Email: bmf04c@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  Estate Bengals is a small selective cattery that focuses on coat, pattern, type and temperament. Adhering to the "naturalist" movement within the breed, we strive to maintain the ALC look in the SBTs we produce. Careful research, selection and breeding of the rarest ALC lines has helped us to produce silky coats dripping with horizontal chain-linking rosettes.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Exotiquebengals   Exotiquebengals
Sarah Mabry
Member Since: August 2014

Monrovia, Indiana

Tel: (765) 318-2804

Email: smabry28@yahoo.com


  Breeding Top Quality Brown & Snow Bengals!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - FastPaws Bengals   FastPaws Bengals
Amanda Stewart
Member Since: April 2011

Princeton, Illinois

Tel: (815) 915-2287

Email: fastpawsbengals@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  We are small breeders of Quality Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens that can be registered with TICA. This is a hobby for us so we specialize in quality not quantity. All our Bengal kittens are raised in our home and are handled from day one. These babies all have such purrsonality as you can see they love to be with you even if it is on your head or your back for a ride. :)  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Forever Friends Exotics   Forever Friends Exotics
Steve and Radoica Shulman
Member Since: January 2012

Jackson, New Jersey

Tel: (732) 433-0714


  Forever Friends Exotics is a small TICA registered cattery in our home in Central, NJ. We specialize in Savannah and Bengal cats. Our cats have been selectively chosen and our kittens are beautiful little examples of the breed. We strive to breed quality show,breeder, and pet kittens to sell for reasonable prices so others can afford to enjoy them as much as we do.

Our kittens leave happy, healthy. immunized. socialized,and litterbox trained. We believe the sale is only the beginning, when you have one of our babies we will always be there for you. Visitors always welcome.

Contact us to make an appointment
Picture of Bengal Cat - Fractal Bengals   Fractal Bengals
Marie Vodicka
Member Since: July 2011

Washington DC

Email: Marie@FractalFelines.com


  Fractal Bengals is a small in home cattery in the Washington D.C. area dedicated to the improvement of the Bengal breed.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Ganges Bengal Cats   Ganges Bengal Cats
Anita Vigara
Member Since: March 2003

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tel: (215) 677-1793

Email: anitavigara@msn.com


  Ganges Cattery is pleased to offer exceptional Bengal, Savannah and Serengeti kittens to loving, responsible owners. We are very experienced, caring breeders, and are devoted to our cats and kittens, as well as to the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Glitterglam Bengals   Glitterglam Bengals
Jill Fyfe
Member Since: November 2010

Peterborough, Cambs, UK

Tel: 0044 (0) 1778 341220

Email: geoffrey.fyfe@btinternet.com


  We are happy to ship and export worldwide. We have available outstanding brown, silver and snow rosetted and marbled kittens for either breed/show or pet.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Indiancreek Bengals   Indiancreek Bengals
Norine Gordon
Member Since: November 2007

Eastern PA

Tel: (215) 256-3255

Email: indiancreekbengals@msn.com


Click here to see more photos 
Kittens Available
  We are a licensed cattery devoted to breeding healthy, top quality kittens with outstanding pedigrees and loving temperaments. Each litter is thoughtfully planned to capture the beauty and wild essence of the exotic Asian leopard cat. All of our breeding adults are health screened and are genetically sound. Kittens come with a contract, health guarantee, and age appropriate vaccines. We also provide a low cost spay/neuter program. We raise trditional pelted as well as rare, long coated (Cashmere) kittens in silver, golden/broown rosetted and snows. Located in Harleysville, Penna., visitors are welcome by appointment. Please view our website often since we have kittens available year round. ~world wide shipping available~  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Jazzle Bengals   Jazzle Bengals
Paula Elson
Member Since: October 2007

Ballston Lake, New York

Tel: (518) 496-4711

Email: celson001@nycap.rr.com


Kittens Available
We are an in home cattery located in beautiful Saratoga County near Albany, New York.

Beautiful, Healthy, Happy Bengals are the standard here. We pride ourselves on our ethics, both to our cats and their new owners. We believe that if we are responsible for the existence of a kitten/cat that we are responsible throughout their life and therefore stand behind every kitten we sell.

Most of our pet kittens are of show quality!! We have also produced some of the top show cats in a few regions.

My husband, Chris, and I have worked with animals since we were children and they have been our whole lives. Chris is a veterinarian who keeps his knowledge current. He practices both allopathic and holistic medicine. The Bengals at Jazzle couldn't be in better care!

All of our kittens leave us FeLK/FIV clear, Fecal negative, hearts aucultated by Certified cardiologist, microchipped, spayed/neutered, very well socialized and just beautiful.
We screen all of our breeding cats yearly or better for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and all other heart diseases. We also screen for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and Pyruvate Kinase Defiency (PK-Def).

We believe in the TIBCS and TICA Code of Ethics and do abide by it. Actually, we go far above their standards.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Jungle Trax Cattery   Jungle Trax Cattery
Anthony Hutcherson
Member Since: October 2004


Email: Jungletraxcats@aol.com


  Jungletrax Cattery is owned and operated by Anthony Hutcherson. I have been attracted to exotic creatures and wild cats nearly all my life. Experiences with the likes of Jungle Cats, Geoffroy's Cats, Caracals and Ocelots taught me that, though beautiful, these cats need and deserve specialized living conditions available in their natural or those recreated by devoted institutions and individuals operating outside of the practicalities of children, extended family and neighbors.

I have enjoyed the company of several domestic breeds including Ocicats, Safari Cats, Abyssinians and American Bobtails before deciding that the Bengal Cat was the ultimate cat for me. I began breeding Bengals in 1992 and have not been without one since. I have had many experiences with Asian Leopard Cats (the wild ancestor of the domestic Bengal), Foundation Bengals and domestic or SBT Bengals that have allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge. I continue to travel and engage with the Bengal breeders to learn as much about this wonderful and exciting breed as it continues to develop.

Jungletrax is a TICA registered cattery and you might often find us at a TICA Show exhibiting one of my beauties. I am happy at the continued success and of my cats since I began showing Tsavo (pictured with me above) in 1995. I am currently (2002-2005) a member of the TICA Bengal breed committee. I was elected chairman of the TICA Bengal Breed Committee in December 2008 to serve through December 2011.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Karma Bengals   Karma Bengals
Quality Bengals
Member Since: August 2014


Tel: (714) 313-9771

Email: karmabengals@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  Welcome to Karma Bengals! If you're looking for that exotic look, you've found the right place! We are a small hobby cattery and breed Bengals in our home. Our kittens are raised with children, dogs and other cats and are completely socialized before going to their new homes. We handle all of them like they were going to live with us forever. All kittens leave with their first vaccination and initial deworming and come with a health guarantee.

We are very interested in placing the best kitten with the best home. With that in mind, we choose our breeding queens for health, conformation, disposition and of course color pattern. We raise one litter at a time and have kittens available a few times a year. We are located in Orange County, California.

Bengals are a very distinct pet choice and may not be for everyone, but once you have loved a Bengal you invariably will want two.

Please check our Kitten page for available kittens. You can download our purchase contract from the link below. We do accept deposits for planned litters as well.

Feel free to contact us, we love to talk Bengals!
Picture of Bengal Cat - KatzMeowBengals   KatzMeowBengals
Howard Farrow
Member Since: September 2009

Taylors, South Carolina

Tel: (864) 477-0519

Email: howardfarrow@bellsouth.net


Kittens Available
  .................S p o t t e d . . . . . . . . . . m a r b l e s . . . . . . . . . . s n o w s . . . . . . . . . .

We now have beautiful kittens available! Individual pics coming soon of our beautiful snow babies. The male kitten is under evaluation to keep in our breeding program or may be sold as a high quality pet!
Picture of Bengal Cat - KatzMeowBengals   KatzMeowBengals
Howard and Judy
Member Since: July 2011


Tel: (423) 650-8360

Email: howard@katzmeowbengals.com


Kittens Available
  KatzMeowBengals is a FeLV/FIV and HCM screened cattery. We are members in good standing with The International Cat Association (TICA).

All of our kittens come with the following: TICA blue slip for registration, Vaccinations Provided, Current Vet Check-Up, De-Wormed, Written Health Guarantee, New Kitten Starter Pack With Food & Toys.

Shipping is available. US shipping is normally around $325. This includes a current health certificate and crate. Please inquire about additional costs for foreign shipping.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Kaymankatz   Kaymankatz
Judith Miller
Member Since: November 2009

Cleveland, Ohio

Tel: (216) 952-0007

Email: jmiller@kaymankatz.com


Kittens Available
  Kaymankatz is a cage free breeding program of high quality, social pets. TICA and CFA registered with a genetic guarantee. So go ahead, it's ok, to Add A Little Wild Life To Your Family!!!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Kazuki Bengals   Kazuki Bengals
Terence Csefko
Member Since: February 2010

Hamilton ON Canada

Tel: (905) 549-3974

Email: triggersounds@sympatico.ca


Kittens Available
  Kazuki Bengals is a small Canadian family owned TICA cattery focused on breeding top quality Bengal cats. Our goal is to breed beautifully rosetted bengals with wild type and nice temperaments. Leopard spotted kittens are often available in three categories - show, breeder, and pet. Our kittens are raised exclusively in our home where they recieve lots of tlc!! All kittens sold will be current on vaccines and come with a written health guarantee. Shipping by air is available.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Kharistan Bengal Cattery   Kharistan Bengal Cattery
CJ Epperson
Member Since: July 2010

Anderson, Indiana

Tel: (765) 425-4104
Tel: 765-378-9001

Email: cjepperson@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  Wildly exotic, totally domesticated. We breed SBT and early generation Bengals along with Asian Leopard Cats.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Kingsmark Bengals and Serengetis   Kingsmark Bengals and Serengetis
Karen Sausman
Member Since: December 2006

Mt Center, California

Tel: (951) 659-4258

Email: KSerengeti@aol.com


  Breeding beautiful and healthy bengals for 14 years.

A TICA Cattery of Excellance
Picture of Bengal Cat - Kumbaspride   Kumbaspride
Pamela Mason
Member Since: May 2012


Tel: (714) 313-0148

Email: kumbaspride@gmail.com


  We are a TICA registered home based cattery. We take great pride in keeping healthy, friendly, happy cats. Our kittens are all raised in our home with lots of love and socialization. All kittens will be vet checked and have their first vaccinations. They are regularly wormed and flea free.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Kumbaspride   Kumbaspride
Pamela Mason
Member Since: May 2012


Tel: (714) 313-0148

Email: kumbaspride@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  We are a TICA registered home based cattery. We take great pride in keeping healthy, friendly, happy cats. Our kittens are all raised in our home with lots of love and socialization. All kittens will be vet checked and have their first vaccinations.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Leo's Pride Bengals   Leo's Pride Bengals
Robin Chamberlain
Member Since: October 2006

Rockford, Illinois

Tel: (815) 227-5758

Email: leospridebengals@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  ***Photo by Helmi Flick. Leo's Pride is an in-home Bengal cattery located in Northern Illinois. We breed stunning Bengals from championship lines for placement in loving companion homes. Our goal is to produce high quality, healthy Bengals with excellent type and beautiful, tri-colored patterns. Our cats have been carefully selected for health and temperament, as well as type and beauty. We are dedicated to producing well socialized, confident and healthy kittens. Our Bengals are screened for HCM, FIV/FeLV and PK Deficiency. We are proud members, in good standing, of TICA (The International Cat Association). We ship internationally and we use Pet Passport if shipping to a country that requires quarantine.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Leopardlanecats   Leopardlanecats
Donna Achuff
Member Since: September 2007

Boothwyn, PA

Tel: (610) 859-7817

Email: leopardlanecats@gmail.com


  We have both males and femles rosetted kittens available. All kittens comes with a 30 day health quarantee, 1yr on genetics, new crate, first shots and worming. all kittens vert socialized. We stand by our kittens 100%. Our Cattery has been tested for FIV, Feline Leukemia, and FIP.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Les Neuf Vies Bengal   Les Neuf Vies Bengal
Suzanne Boutin
Member Since: June 2012

Boischatel, Quebec, Canada

Tel: 1 (418) 559-4948

Email: Suzanne@LesNeufVies.com


Click here to see more photos 
Kittens Available
  We are a TICA registered cattery. We specialize in brown black rosetted Bengal cats. All our cats are born from prestigious lineages, each with many champions. Our cats and kittens live in a healthy and wide open environment adapted to their movement needs. We do not use cages.

In addition to a starter kit and pedigree, our kittens come with a health guarantee, are dewormed and vaccinated two times. All of our companion cats come sterilized.

Our cats and kittens are very sociable. The pups are handled several times a day and several large rooms of the house are devoted to their exclusive use. Many games, such large cat trees and exercise wheels, boost their skills and satisfy their natural need for action.

We pay great attention to health and hygiene. We use only food of the highest quality, and our little friends enjoy attentive veterinary care. Their living space is very healthy, litter and food dishes are cleaned several times a day.
Tracy DeLuna
Member Since: June 2007


Tel: Cell (719) 649-1573

Email: tracy@lunakatz.com


Kittens Available
  Quality Bengals from our lap to yours. Browns & Silvers, spotted & marbled. TICA registered Supreme Champion lines. Pets, show, breeder kittens available. All pets altered prior to leaving. HCM, PKD & feLV screened vet checked litter box trained raised in home with family & dogs.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - MalachyKatz   MalachyKatz
Patrick M Noone
Member Since: August 2007

Lancashire, England UK

Email: malachykatz@hotmail.com


Kittens Available
  Our Bengal breeding programme is subject to the same high standard we demand in our Savannah breeding programme.

We look for large rosetted Bengals, be it in our brown spotted, or silver breeding programme and only the highest quality is acceptable for our continued success in Bengal breeding, producing show winning stock or exotic pet, time after time.

MalachyKatz are equally passionate over the temperament of our cat's, and as with the Savannahs, all Bengal kittens are litter trained, vaccinated, and very importantly socialised within a family environment, to ensure maximum happiness to both customer and kitten in their new home.

Our Bengals are subject to the same contract as our Savannahs, as we want them to be as happy as we know their new owners will be with their choice.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Maplewood Bengals   Maplewood Bengals
Rob & Jeanne Ebersole
Member Since: March 2010

Angola , New York

Tel: (716) 337-3422

Email: maplewoodbengals@aol.com


Watch My Video 
Kittens Available
  "Our home is our cattery, our cattery is our home" We are a small cattery in Western New York. We breed beautiful Bengal cats for sale as pets, breeders and potential show cats. We started out as Bengal cat owners, but fell in love with the breed, so much so that we wanted to see how we could contribute, and hopefully improve the Bengal cat breed. Our Bengal cats and kittens are showered with love and attention from day one. We have Bengal's running around the house and playing all the time, when they are not sleeping on our laps or in bed with us, purring away. We also socialize our Bengal kittens at an early age. Our kittens are handled with lots of gentleness, love and care from the day they are born. Maplewood Manor kittens are born in the "kitten nursery" and when they are old enough, they go to the "kitten room" where they are introduced to the rest of the house, to play with the older cats. The Maplewood Bengal experience does not end with your purchase of a Bengal kitten. We provide ongoing support to all our clients, and welcome phone calls, emails and communications. We try and develop personal relationships with all of you and welcome your letters and email updates about your Maplewood Manor kitten. Our kittens usually stay with their littermates until they are at least 10 weeks old, to avoid behavioral problems associated with kittens being separated from their litters too soon. We want to ensure that by the time you pick up your kitten, the kitten is fully weaned from its mother, eating solid food, and using the litter box. We also want to ensure that our kittens are socialized at that point, to interact with their new family, including children and pets. We want our Bengal kittens to go to good, loving homes where they will receive lots of love, attention and excellent care. We will be happy to help you choose the Bengal cat that is "just right" for you.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - MarieBengal   MarieBengal
Marie-Lisa Larocque | Marie Bengal
Member Since: January 2010

Grenville, Quebec

Tel: (819) 242-5382

Email: mariebengal@live.ca


Kittens Available
  Marie Bengal is registered with TICA,CCA,ACFA,TIBCS, and member of TIBCC. We focus on cutting edge bengal from champion bloodline. We Ship Worldwide.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Marmoll Bengals   Marmoll Bengals
Monika Ludvícková and Simona Sparandara
Member Since: September 2004

Central Europe, Czech Republic, Prague

Tel: US 1-516-620 4550
Tel: Europe (+420) 723 747 166

Email: dgssls@vol.cz


  We breed high quality Bengals, SBT and foundation. All kittens are raised with love and attention resulting in well socialized confident cats.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Midwest Mysticals Savannahs & Bengals   Midwest Mysticals Savannahs & Bengals
Deb Johnson
Member Since: August 2007

Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Tel: (651) 775-2997

Email: midwestmysticals@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  I have worked with both small and large animals for over 25 years being in the veterinarian field. All my cats have great temperaments and love people. My kittens are raised under foot and very socialized.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Midwest Mysticals Savannahs & Bengals   Midwest Mysticals Savannahs & Bengals
Deb Johnson
Member Since: August 2007

Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Tel: (651) 775-2997

Email: midwestmysticals@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  I have worked with both small and large animals for over 25 years being in the veterinarian field. All my cats have great temperaments and love people. My kittens are raised under foot and very socialized.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Miracinonyx   Miracinonyx
Bevin Anderson
Member Since: August 2007

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Tel: (519) 822-5381

Email: spottedcats@miracinonyx.com


  My name is Bevin Anderson and I represent my family and our cattery with a rich history in raising quality pets for our own enjoyment. We use that personal experience and education to bring you quality cats for your lifelong companionship and enjoyment. I am a Veterinary Technician with a broad skill base and experience behind me, working professionally with multiple species of animals for over a decade. I have designed our cattery in the best interests of our cats health, welfare and daily enrichment. Our Cattery is registered under the CFA/TICA, and our Queens, Studs, and kittens are registered by CFA/TICA depending on breed. We spend many hours daily with our cats socializing them not just because we should, but moreover because they are loved and enjoyed members of our family. They are raised with daily exposure to children and our dogs to maintain their well rounded and accepting personalities.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Monster   Monster
Jonathon Stewart
Member Since: October 2010

Goodsprings, Nevada

Tel: 702 874-2398

Email: BoJo89@Frontier.com


  Not an Ordinary House Cat but an Extraordinary Friend!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - MotorCityExotics   MotorCityExotics
Raychele Shaw
Member Since: July 2013

Howell, Michigan

Tel: (248) 795-8363

Email: raychele@motorcityexotics.com
Email: =

  We are a small TICA registered cattery located in SE Michigan. Specializing in brown, snow and soon charcoal rosetted, with the occasional marble. Champion bloodlines, very socialized little loving lap leopards.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Mystic Fire Exotics   Mystic Fire Exotics
Member Since: October 2010

Abbotsford BC Canada

Email: mysticfireexotics@shaw.ca
Email: ginther8334@shaw.ca

Kittens Available
  Welcome to Mystic Fire Exotics, we are a very small in home cattery .We are located in Abbotsford BC Canada. By remaining a small cattery, our cats enjoy personal attention every day; we consider them part of our family. All of our kittens are hand raised in our home. We do this so they are acclimated to a family environment, including kids and other animals. Our kittens arrive at their new homes loving and well socialized.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Naples Bengals   Naples Bengals
Jamie Karvelas
Member Since: August 2012

Naples FL

Email: jmjordan33@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  Charcoal colored Bengals have been our focus since 2008! The emphasis has been on charcoals with rosettes with superior temperament. We also have browns and charcoal snows! Kittens are raised underfoot and highly socialized from day #1 in a loving family environment with kids. All queens and studs on premises. Visitors welcome!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Norland Bengals   Norland Bengals
Jynohn O'Connor
Member Since: June 2014

Easton, Massachusetts

Tel: (508) 243-3431

Email: Norland.bengals@comcast.net


Kittens Available
  Small hobby breeder in Massachusetts offering well socialized, TICA registered Bengal kittens in a variety of colors. We screen for HCM and include a written health guarantee and a lifetime of breeder support. All pet kittens are spayed/neutered before leaving for their new homes. We offer personal airport delivery throughout the U.S. Inquiries welcome!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Patrons Bengals   Patrons Bengals
Crystal Lakes
Member Since: July 2014

Newcastle, California

Tel: (916) 834-0775

Email: info@patronsbengals.com


Kittens Available
  Patron's Bengals is located in the beautiful Northern California. Our passion is our Bengals. We breed for Exotic Beauty, Intelligence, Excellent Temperament, High Quality Glittered Pelts, Striking Contrast and Rosetted patterns.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Petty Poo Bengals   Petty Poo Bengals
Mary Lou Petty
Member Since: October 2009

Bullard TX

Tel: (903) 825-7222
Tel: (903) 520-0760

Email: onegentledove@peoplepc.com


Kittens Available
  After I retired from the Air Force, I focus my attention on my grandsons. They are teenagers so I didn't feel needed as much. Then my sons started being involved with bengals and now my life has changed forever. Bengals are amazing and I do my best taking care of them and giving them the special love and attention they need.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Raganwood Bengals   Raganwood Bengals
Ruth M. Ragan
Member Since: October 2007

Kansas City, Missouri

Tel: (816) 454-4303

Email: raganwood@sbcglobal.net


  Missouri Bengal Breeder that specializes in raising loving family pets in browns, snows and silvers in my home and under my feet  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Ramatut Bengal Cats   Ramatut Bengal Cats
Janice & Chris Becker
Member Since: July 2004

Plymouth, MN

Tel: 763-577-1636

Email: Ramatutbengals@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  We are a small in home cattery located in the Twin Cities. All of our cats are raised under foot with tender loving care. SGRC bloodlines. Members in good standing with ACFA, TICA and TIBCS. TIBCS Breeder of Distinction, TICA Cattery of Excellence and ACFA Cattery of Distinction.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Raziel Reign   Raziel Reign
Christi Hall
Member Since: October 2007

Allyn, Washington

Tel: (360) 426-6210

Email: christi@razielreign.com


Kittens Available
  Raziel Reign raises all their kittens in-home, underfoot with kids and dogs. Tica and/or CFA registered. Pets are spayed or neutered prior to placement. Health guaranteed. Written contract. Paypal accepted.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Razzeldots Bengal Cats   Razzeldots Bengal Cats
Christine A. Spierling
Member Since: May 2008

Streator, Illinois

Tel: (815) 257-8039
Tel: 815-257-3549

Email: misseltoe01@aol.com


Kittens Available

Member of TICA, ACFA & TIBCA.
Picture of Bengal Cat - RedRockBengals   RedRockBengals
Member Since: October 2014

Linwood New Jersey

Tel: (702) 882-3654.

Email: brian@digital-holdings.com


Kittens Available
  Red Rock Bengals is a small in-home cattery. Our cats are raised underfoot together with our children and our dog, Pandora. Our kittens make great pets. They are highly social, playful, energetic and affectionate.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Rising Sun   Rising Sun
Becky Beckmann & Steve Burdine
Member Since: June 2011

Stacy, Minnesota 55079

Tel: (651) 462-5967

Email: rissunfarm@aol.com


Kittens Available
  We have bred quality border collies and Australian shepherds for over 25 years...and have put the same hard work and time into raising a quality Bengals. All our cats come from the highest quality bloodlines and producing the best quality Bengals that are also exceptional pets.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Sadies Bengal Cats   Sadies Bengal Cats
Rise D. Mikolajewski
Member Since: November 2001

395 Wooten Rd. Clarksville, Tenn 37042

Tel: (931) 552 3176

Email: sayd1scent@aol.com


  Beautiful and exotic Bengal cats raised with love and affection in our home!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Sawasdee Bengals   Sawasdee Bengals
Member Since: December 2011


Tel: +66 84 099 0993
Fax: +66 2 965 1228

Email: sawasdeebengals@hotmail.com


  Our cats are given the up-most care and attention right from the day they are born. We feed them the highest quality food (Hill's Science Diet) that also includes cooked chicken breast, raw beef and protein rich eggs.

Sawasdeebengals is registered with TICA (The International Cat Association).
Picture of Bengal Cat - SC Bengals Cattery   SC Bengals Cattery
Diane Klein
Member Since: September 2010

San Clemente Ca

Tel: (949) 395-5507

Email: scbengals@cox.net


Kittens Available
  Beautiful Bengal Kittens Born 8-2-10 TICA registered, Will ship. Health Guarantee  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Select Exotics   Select Exotics
Dale & Holly Hummel
Member Since: May 2000

Cabery, IL

Tel: (815) 949-1730
Tel: (815) 405-4111

Email: holly@savannahcatbreed.com


  Select Exotics has over 20 years experience breeding exotic cats. Kittens are raised by a Professor of Animal Science with his wife and four children in a state-of-the-art facility rivaled by none. Around the clock care is provided at all times to expecting mothers and new babies. Our years of experience has proven to produce some of the most beautiful and well socialized Bengals. Feel free to call or email with any questions!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Shaghera Bengals and Savannahs   Shaghera Bengals and Savannahs
Michelle Boudreau
Member Since: April 2012

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tel: (514) 582-8798

Email: chatsbengal@hotmail.com


  After 5 years in Bengal breeding, we decided to begin this new adventure by specializing us in a F2 (2nd generation) savannahs breeding program. Our mission: Produce and offer very large cats, having the serval wild lookt with the softest character of the domestic cat. Once again, our friend and mentor Doreen Boileau of Drinkwater Bengal and Savannah cats allowed us to realize this dream by guiding us in this new adventure and offered us the exclusivity of her cat blood line in Canada. Doreen is a pioneer and expert in breeding exceptional quality F1 Savannahs, the first generation of these beautiful cats. You are more then welcome to come and see these extraordinary big cats in our website! Our first kittens are expecting for summer 2012!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Silkenthunder Bengals   Silkenthunder Bengals
Connie McIver
Member Since: January 2011

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tel: (204) 694-3289

Email: cmciver@highspeedcrow.ca


  We have been involved in breeding/showing Bengals since early 2000. Our breeding cats have all been imported into Canada legally and have been screened for known health issues. They are friendly, well socialized, and stunningly beautiful! We are a very small cattery, only producing two or three litters a year on average. All of our kittens are raised as part of our family and we welcome visitors to come out and meet our gang!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Silver Storm Bengals   Silver Storm Bengals
Elizabeth Smith
Member Since: September 2010

Caernarfon, Gwynedd, UNITED KINGDOM

Tel: 01286 870386

Email: liz@silverstormbengals.co.uk


  We specialize in stunning, quality Silver Bengal's chosen very carefully from the best American blood-lines, concentrating on their wild confirmation and profile. Our kittens are bred for their superb muscular, wild type, stunning leopard markings and rosettes, with extreme contrast. They also have wonderful temperaments and fantastic socialization skills.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Simias Bengals   Simias Bengals
Denise Eckhardt
Member Since: September 2008

Arlington, MA

Tel: (617) 821-7223

Email: denise@simiasbengals.com


Kittens Available
  We are a very small, in-home Bengal breeder, specializing in giving our kittens lots of love, attention and gentle handling from birth. Our kittens are raised as pampered and cherished family members with full access to our home. Our kittens are registered, vet monitored, and have age-appropriate vaccinations. We strive to breed for excellent health, quality and people-oriented purrrr-sonalities. We are proud members of TICA and TIBCS. We are located in the greater Boston area.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Snowtracks Bengals   Snowtracks Bengals
Callie Ingram
Member Since: March 2006

McLeansboro, Illinois

Tel: (618) 643-3930

Email: cb_snowtracks@hotmailcom
Email: leswartwout@tds.net

  We have been breeding Bengals for many years and have Savannahs and servals as well. Our cats are home raised, friendly, vet checked and will ship if needed.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Snowtundrabengal   Snowtundrabengal
Hermani Hart
Member Since: April 2009


Tel: (207) 449-1031

Email: herminahart@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  We are Peter and Hermina Hart of Lisbon Falls, Maine and would like to introduce you to our upcoming snow bengal cattery in the state of Maine. We are putting our efforts into improving the line of the snow bengal cat, concentrating on the wild look and pattern of the asian leopard cat, while retaining the temperament of a domestic, loving feline.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Speakeasy   Speakeasy
Chris Jacobson
Member Since: January 2007

Wellesley Hills, MA

Tel: (781) 235-7012

Email: bengalcat@comcast.net


Kittens Available
  TIBCS Breeder of Distinction producing exceptional brown spotted and seal lynx point spotted bengal kittens for show and for your loving and playful pet. Our cats have gathered titles in the show ring from International Winner, Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion. All kittens are raised in our home as much underfoot as is safe for various ages. Our home is veterinarian inspected giving us the TICA "Cattery of Excellence" designation.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Spotagious Bengals   Spotagious Bengals
Allison Adams
Member Since: February 2007

Corpus Christi, Texas

Tel: (361) 816-3431
Tel: (361) 387-6110

Email: allison@spotagious.com


Kittens Available
  We are a small cattery located near Corpus Christi, TX. We raise our kittens in our home with children and other pets. They are loved and played with by everyone and as a result of this socialization, they are loving, friendly, playful and very out going! We raise our kitty babies how we would like to have them if we were buying a kitten. We have Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines with excellent personalities, temperaments, and outstanding qualities. We have brown and silver rosetted cats with highly contrasted, glittered, plush pelts. Our kittens receive a vet check before going to their forever homes to ensure that they are healthy along with a personalized information card and health guarantee. Please feel free to contact us or visit the web site for further information on available kittens and adult cats.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Spotogold   Spotogold
Darrin Lee
Member Since: June 2009

Pine City, Minnesota

Tel: (651) 206-7781

Email: yellowf4@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  I am a small breeder in MN striving for the bengal type along with nice rosettes. If you're looking for good quality, nicely rosetted silvers and browns, you've come to the right place! Feel free to look around the site and check out the links with lots of great information.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - SpottedGems Cattery   SpottedGems Cattery
Laurie Trommer
Member Since: August 2010


Tel: (404) 819-7406

Email: Spottedgems@aol.com


Kittens Available
  "Sharing our Little Leopard Pride"

Our goal here at Spotted Gems is to raise and nurture beautiful, loving Bengal cats with great personalities. Our family has helped to raise all of our adult Bengals.
Picture of Bengal Cat - StarAngel Bengals   StarAngel Bengals
Peggy Angelastro
Member Since: January 2006

South Jersey

Tel: (609) 442 1285

Email: StarAngelBengals@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  TICA OUTSTANDING CATTERY and TIBCS Breeder of Distinction.

Homebred kittens from top bloodlines. The Bengal is incredibly smart, inquisitive, amazingly fast with beautiful glittering pelts, and white tummies! Breeding for health and beauty of the breed. Specializing in Silver, Brown and Snow. Check the website for all your questions. The site is very educational.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Summerside Bengals   Summerside Bengals
Wendy Basham
Member Since: September 2006

Kitchener, ON

Tel: (519) 577-9652

Email: email@summersidebengals.com


Kittens Available
  We run a small cattery to ensure our kittens have the necessary attention they need to thrive as wonderful and healthy pets throughout their lives. Our cats and kittens are raised underfoot, handled and spoiled daily! We are a FELV/FIV free cattery and breeding cats are tested for HCM. Kittens are sent home spayed or neutered and with up-to-date vaccinations and all this is included in the cost. We also welcome visitors to the cattery!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Sunset Bengal Cats   Sunset Bengal Cats
Karen Herrera
Member Since: December 2004

Fort Myers, Florida

Tel: 239-691-6496.

Email: herr1414@swfla.rr.com


Picture of Bengal Cat - Sweet Home ala Bengal   Sweet Home ala Bengal
Heather Maring
Member Since: July 2013

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Tel: (570) 350-2595

Email: sweethomebengals@gmail.com


Kittens Available
Picture of Bengal Cat - Tejas   Tejas
Jim Smith
Member Since: January 1992

Georgetown, Texas

Tel: (512) 658-7265

Email: bengalsjim@gmail.com


  With Lorre, I've been involved in Bengals since 1992. I was a vice President of TIBCS, I was editor of the Bengal Bulletin from 1994 to 1996, and Tejas Cattery has bred 16 cats that have been shown to Supreme Grand Champion. Three were Best Bengals.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - TheRealms Bengals   TheRealms Bengals
Lydia and Don Wright
Member Since: December 2006

Victorville, CA

Tel: Home 760-246-5858
Tel: cell 562-652-1899

Email: lydia.wright@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  We have gorgeous, well socialized family companions as well as beautiful show prospects available year round and have some exciting matings planned for the coming year! Come share in the excitement!

Picture of Bengal Cat - Thomwren Cattery   Thomwren Cattery
Marjorie Wren
Member Since: April 2004

Hereford, AZ

Tel: (520) 803-1559

Email: fancy143@mindspring.com


Kittens Available
  Thomwren Cattery, breeding Champion lines since 1998. My Bengals have incredibly wild faces, their heads are to die for! They are very typey and carry genes for their large size. My girls typically can carry to live birth four or five Savannah cubs. Thomwren's health and genetic warranty is unsurpassed in the breeding industry. I ship around the country and the world.

Lovely brand new litter of Bengals!
Picture of Bengal Cat - ThunderCat Bengals   ThunderCat Bengals
Melissa Kessel Griffith
Member Since: November 2014

Kingman, Arizona

Tel: (503) 875-9430

Email: melissa@thundercatbengals.com


Kittens Available
  We are a TICA registered cattery. Our cattery has been outstanding with TICA since we opened. Which means a veterinarian certifies our cattery 1x a year for the conditions, for the cats. The health of my cats and the kittens they produce are very important to me. We test our Breeders for HCM (heart valve testing) every 2 years. Our cattery is free of Felv (feline leukemia), Fiv (Feline Aids). We are do parasite testing and P/K deficiency (Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency). I give a 2 year health guarantee on my cats. I give them their first & second vaccines before they leave here. They do not need the leukemia vaccine. Since these are mostly inside cats and they are not running around the neighborhood with other cats. At 7 weeks I take my kittens to our veterinarian for a health certificate. The earliest I let my kittens go to their new homes is at 10 weeks. This is because at 28 days they get their first round parasite potential treatment, vet checked at 7 weeks & first vaccine. At 9 weeks they get the 2nd vaccine & deworming treatment. At 10 weeks they should be ready for their new homes. I keep them the few days after their deworming and shots just to make sure they do not have diarrhea. The deworming treatment can cause them diarrhea at times. Then they are allowed to be rehomed between 10-12 weeks.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Trendar Bengal Cats   Trendar Bengal Cats
Holly Baker
Member Since: March 2005

Charleston, West Virginia

Tel: 304-982-5932

Email: Holly@BengalSpot.com
Email: HollyB@Suddenlink.net

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Kittens Available
  Created in my home with love by Holly Baker
Trendar Champion Quality Rosetted Bengal Cats
Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Charleston, West Virginia.
offering Sweet Purrr-sonality, genetic health
and flashy rosettes
Picture of Bengal Cat - Tuminello Exotics   Tuminello Exotics
Marc and Kim Tuminello
Member Since: October 2007

Polk City ,Florida

Tel: (863) 662-0846

Email: tumcats@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  Tuminello Exotics are breeders of top quality Bengals and Savannahs We are located in Central Florida. Kittens available year round from top quality bloodlines. Please visit our web site for more information and pictures of our babies,  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Ubasti Bengals   Ubasti Bengals
Melissa Yates-Rivera
Member Since: September 2006

Danville, Illinois

Tel: (217) 213-2324

Email: melissarivera65@hotmail.com


Kittens Available
  Located in East Central Illinois. Check out our website for further information and availability!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - UltimateXotics   UltimateXotics
Jacqueline A. Vulic
Member Since: February 2011

Montgomery, Texas

Tel: (713) 918-9291

Email: info@ultimatexotics.com


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Kittens Available
  UltimateXotics, Home of the finest Bengal and Savannah cats, is a TICA registered cattery located in Southeastern Texas. We breed "Wild Spirits with Loving Hearts". We select only the highest quality Savannahs and Bengals for our breeding programs. Our goal is to produce exquisitely beautiful, healthy and very exotic looking kittens with the most amazing, loving, and gentle personalities. Currently, we are expecting kittens from our gorgeous Prince Charming and very sweet and beautiful Cinderella. Please contact me for more information and photographs.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Urban Exotic Bengals   Urban Exotic Bengals
Anthony Kao
Member Since: June 2013

Rosemead, CA

Tel: (310) 739-0847

Email: UrbanExoticBengals@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  We are a small cattery located in Los Angeles. We specialize in quality Brown Rosetted and Snow Bengals. Our kittens have sweet, loving temperament, and are well socialized. They come from Champion and Supreme Champion bloodlines. Please visit our website for more info.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - WarCloud   WarCloud
Sherry Reinert
Member Since: Novembers 2012


Email: shabonnah@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  We raise silver, snow and brown spotted/rosetted bengal kittens. Kittens have great contrast, slick,tight pelts, and awesome temperments. All kittens are fully vaccinated and wormed prior to leaving our home. Health guarrantee and contract can be found on our website. Please contact with any questions.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Wild Beach Bengals   Wild Beach Bengals
Melissa Brusie
Member Since: September 2009

Wellington, Florida

Tel: (561) 635-2661

Email: mbrusie@mac.com
Email: Wildbeachbengals@yahoo.com

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Kittens Available
  Wild Beach Bengals is a TICA show home and in-home cattery. Our breeding program is focused on producing healthy, happy, cutting edge Bengals with excellent type and large, colorful rosettes. Our cats and kittens are raised in our home with daily socialization, compliments of our two kitten-loving daughters and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Our cattery is a member in good standing with TICA. Our cats receive the best in veterinary care including FIV/FeLV testing and are regularly screened for HCM.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Wild Fire Bengals   Wild Fire Bengals
Wendy Symmes
Member Since: August 2007

Huntersville, North Carolina

Tel: (704) 947-9391

Email: WildFireBengals@aol.com


Kittens Available
  Our cats and kittens are raised lovingly underfoot (or perhaps I should say "undercover" since most of them sleep with us!) and overhead (due to the athletic inquisitiveness) to produce exceptional pets with laid-back personalities. Vet inspected cattery. TICA Outstanding Cattery, TIBCS and TIBBA Breeder of Distinction. Providing Contracts and Health Guarantees.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Wild Trax   Wild Trax
Tracy Wilson
Member Since: April 2008


Tel: 501-230-4072

Email: tracy@wildaboutbengals.com


Kittens Available
  Wild Trax is a small TICA registered cattery raising several spotted breeds in our home, including Bengals and Egyptian Maus. We offer well socialized healthy Bengals with big rosettes, vivid coloring, wild looking faces, lots of glitter, with super sweet temperaments. We raise our kittens in home, under foot. Genetic screenings on our breeders and we offer a written contract and health guarantee. Located in central Arkansas, NO SHIPPING. Please visit our website for more info.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - WildForest Bengals   WildForest Bengals
Gloria Richards
Member Since: August 2010

Alberta, Canada

Tel: 403 844 4841

Email: keithrichards@telus.net
Email: wildforestbengals@hotmal.com

  Wildforest Bengals cattery is attached to our home we are located on five private acres in the Beautiful Trees with a creek that runs right around the home we are not far from the Canadian Rockies near Jasper Banff We are dedicated to breeding Healthy, Happy, well socialized kittens, and Top Quality Show/Breeder's,  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Wildtemptation   Wildtemptation
Doriano Fecondo
Member Since: June 2010


Tel: 0032493748046

Email: doriano.fecondo@hotmail.com


Kittens Available
Picture of Bengal Cat - Wind Haven Ranch   Wind Haven Ranch
Carol Drymon
Member Since: May 2005

Vernon, Arizona

Tel: (928) 532-7300

Email: windhavenexotics@frontiernet.net


  Here at Wind Haven we raise exotic cats for the family. These include Bengals, Savannahs, Cheetohs and Ocicats. Guaranteed healthy, they are all extremely large & social, always looking for a human lap to sleep in or friend to play with. We ship world-wide and always provide a 100% 2 year fertility guarantee for our Savannah cats should they be sold as breeding cats.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Xzotica Bengals   Xzotica Bengals
James Mellinger
Member Since: July 2011

Northern California

Tel: (209) -887-4050
Tel: cell (209) 607-6559

Email: xzoticabengals@comcast.net

Website Coming Soon!
Kittens Available
  Working with some of Southern California's most respected breeders I have succeeded in produced a line of flashy, spectacularly rosetted Bengal's with emphasis on sweet and confident temperments, wild head type, small round ears. large nocturnal eyes, and extra large, inky black, thickly outlined rosettes, in both classic brown and the new, highly coveted Silver.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - ZawieCo Bengal Cats   ZawieCo Bengal Cats
Lori Graf
Member Since: December 2004

Stuart, Florida

Tel: 772-781-1953

Email: Lorilie56@aol.com


Kittens Available
  Hand Raised Little Lovables...We are a small in home cattery devoted to raising healthy and happy BST and Snow kittens. TICA outstanding Cattery, and member of TIBBA,TIBCS.  

  The Webmaster makes no promises or guarantees, direct or implied, about any of the Catteries that are listed on the Exotic Cat Network. All transactions between Breeders and Visitors to this and other Exotic Cat Network sites are the responsibility and at the risk of all concerned parties. We strongly recommend potential cat owners to become educated about finding and working with responsible breeders.  
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