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Willie Richardson
Member Since: April 2010

Selmer, TN

Tel: (731) 645-0230

Email: enchanted_kits@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  Enchanted Kits Bengals is a small in-home cattery where kittens are lovingly raised underfoot to ensure socialization. We strive for "wild, exotic looking" Bengals that look like they just stalked out of the jungle but with sweet, affectionate dispositions.

Here at Enchanted Kits Bengals, we concentrate on the "total package", as we are apparently greedy and want it all- sound health, temperment, conformation, exceptional coats & patterns dripping with glitter. :-) Our backgrounds in animal husbandry, science & medicine make those factors the "cornerstones" of our programs. Our beloved Bengals range from F1s-SBTs. We have a rainbow of colors to offer. Beautiful Browns, Stunning Silvers & Striking "Snows" in both spotted/rosetted & marbled.

All our Bengals come with a written health guarantee/contract, UTD vet care, health checks & "extras". We do offer discounts on multiple kitten purchases.

Bengals are our passion & this is the hobby we're dedicated to. Thankfully, we have successful careers so showing and raising kittens is our honour and not a business. Kittens available to loving forever homes. We occassionally offer showing/breeding kittens to established and approved breeders. Shipping available and even partial delivery available on a case by case basis. Please visit our website to learn more about us and veiw our gorgeous Bengals.

"Add a little magic to your life...with an Enchanted kit".

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