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Sonu Bastet
Member Since: October 2012

British Columbia, Canada

Tel: (778) 875-5556

Email: bastetexotics@outlook.com


Kittens Available
  Bastet Exotics is a TICA registered cattery , located just outside of Dawson Creek British Columbia , raising high quality Savannahs and SBT Bengal cats. ​

We take great pride in the care, health, and social excellence of our kittens and stay true to the cats' ancestral heritage. ​

Our cattery goal is to produce healthy & eye catching kittens with incomparable markings and well rounded out going personalities. Our focus is improving the over all quality, better type and nicer patterns on our Bengal and Savannah cats; as we actively participate in TICA cat shows and breed to TICA breed standards. ​ ​

Please keep in mind that these breeds are not for everyone & we highy encourage you do you research to see if you and your family are ready to make a 12-15 year commitment to one of these amazing cats. ​

Bastet Exotics is extremely blessed with being a Canadian cattery producing a steady line of FERTILE F5 savannah males AND are currently the FIRST Canadian cattery producing Cashmere ( Long Hair ) bengals. ​​

Bengal Program : Producing BST, Silver, Snow (variations) , Melanistic, and charcoal (variations).

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