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Picture of Bengal Cat - BoydsBengals   BoydsBengals
Melody Boyd
Member Since: June 2007

Savannah, Georgia

Tel: (912) 202 9750

Email: melodyboyd@boydsbengals.com


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Kittens Available
  CFA Cattery of Excellence. TICA Outstanding Cattery. Breeder of show quality, healthy Bengals with great temperaments since 2006. First Distinguished Merit Bengal in CFA. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Lap Leopards Bengals   Lap Leopards Bengals
Monique Dillon
Member Since: September 2021

Kingsland GA

Tel: (912) 464-2691

Email: LapLeopardBengals@aol.com


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Kittens Available
  Located on the FL/GA border, we have a regular monthly ground transport that travels up the east coast to CT. We love helping everyone get that perfect Bengal kitten with that famous Lap Loving personality. We are a small cattery based out of a loving home and wish to dedicate the most time and attention to every kitten. Come back often, we have kittens all year round. To View all the latest updates on our kittens please visit: https://www.lapleopardbengals.com/available-kittens.html What separates us from other breeders? Good question. We feel our kittens are the product of the best selective breeding giving way to the most gorgeous, healthy, and loving cats! We are very scrutinizing in carefully choosing our Breeders to create that which is the most stunning: bold doughnut rosettes, stark contrast, aesthetic horizontal flow pattern, and no rib bars! We use the healthiest bloodlines paying much attention to the health of all in the pedigree. That's also not to say how well socialized they all are! We pride ourselves in our name, Lap Leopards, by hand-rearing from birth every kitten. The key to our Socialization program and success is: early and often! Raising kittens with kids is also the best way to go! We notice that with kids, kittens are more tolerant, social, and outgoing! We are not hobby breeders dabbling in this but rather full-time, experienced, dedicated pet lovers giving all of our time into your kittens. This makes a huge impact on ultimately how loving our Bengal kittens are.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Spot On Bengals   Spot On Bengals
Paula Foster
Member Since: May 2016

Dalton, Georgia

Tel: (706) 313-5124

Email: spotonbengals@outlook.com


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Kittens Available
  I am a small in home breeder just 30 miles south of Chattanooga. We do do genetic health testing on all of our adults. All of my kittens are TICA registered with Grand Ch and Champion bloodlines. They are hand raised and socialize with children and other pets. All kittens come with a Vet certificate and health.  

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