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Picture of Bengal Cat - Jungletime Bengals   Jungletime Bengals
Jennifer Weiss
Member Since: May 2007

Upperco, Maryland

Tel: (410) 925-8167

Email: marylandbengal@yahoo.com


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Kittens Available
  Producing beautiful rosetted and marbled kittens from top Champion-SGC lineage. Located in Main. We are a licensed cattery breeding only the Bengal breed. Kittens available year round. Cattery visits welcomed for buyers. Waiting list is recommended. Browns, snows, and silver kittens available. Our kittens are socialized daily and very sweet and playful. Rosetted and Marbled Bengals Available. kittens from Champion lineage worldwide. We do ship WORLDWIDE! Quarantine for overseas shipping is available at our cattery!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Snowtundrabengal   Snowtundrabengal
Hermani Hart
Member Since: April 2009


Tel: (207) 449-1031

Email: herminahart@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  We are Peter and Hermina Hart of Lisbon Falls, Maine and would like to introduce you to our upcoming snow bengal cattery in the state of Maine. We are putting our efforts into improving the line of the snow bengal cat, concentrating on the wild look and pattern of the asian leopard cat, while retaining the temperament of a domestic, loving feline.  

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