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Picture of Bengal Cat - Speakeasy   Speakeasy
Chris Jacobson
Member Since: January 2007

Wellesley Hills, MA

Tel: (781) 235-7012

Email: bengalcat@comcast.net


Kittens Available
  TIBCS Breeder of Distinction producing exceptional brown spotted and seal lynx point spotted bengal kittens for show and for your loving and playful pet. Our cats have gathered titles in the show ring from International Winner, Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion. All kittens are raised in our home as much underfoot as is safe for various ages. Our home is veterinarian inspected giving us the TICA "Cattery of Excellence" designation.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Aristicats   Aristicats
Lori Kaiser
Member Since: March 2008

West Springfield, MA

Tel: (413) 733-1403

Email: LoriKaiser@comcast.net


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Kittens Available
  Aristicats is a small in-home cattery located in Western Massachusetts. We breed cats from International/Regional World Champion lines. We strive to produce exotically wild-looking tamed little beauties who come to you happy, healthy, and very well socialized. We are a TICA registered cattery and a member of TIBCS and TIBBA.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - BengalsOfAmewsing   BengalsOfAmewsing
W. Sue
Member Since: May 2018


Tel: n/a

Email: Bengalsofamewsing@gmail.com

Website Coming Soon!
Kittens Available
  Small scale hobby breeder in Massachusetts . Please pop into our website at www.bengalsofamewsing.info to view our current kittens . Years of knowledge and experience with the Bengal Breed. Our beautiful Bengal cats and kittens are very much part of the family and well socialized to home life . On occasion we show our cats in the New England area. Proud member of the International Cat Association and adhere to their fine breeding ethics and Bengal standards . We look forward to hearing from you !  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Simias Bengals   Simias Bengals
Denise Eckhardt
Member Since: September 2008

Arlington, MA

Tel: (617) 821-7223

Email: denise@simiasbengals.com


Kittens Available
  We are a very small, in-home Bengal breeder, specializing in giving our kittens lots of love, attention and gentle handling from birth. Our kittens are raised as pampered and cherished family members with full access to our home. Our kittens are registered, vet monitored, and have age-appropriate vaccinations. We strive to breed for excellent health, quality and people-oriented purrrr-sonalities. We are proud members of TICA and TIBCS. We are located in the greater Boston area.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Norland Bengals   Norland Bengals
Jynohn O'Connor
Member Since: June 2014

Easton, Massachusetts

Tel: (508) 243-3431

Email: Norland.bengals@comcast.net


Kittens Available
  Small hobby breeder in Massachusetts offering well socialized, TICA registered Bengal kittens in a variety of colors. We screen for HCM and include a written health guarantee and a lifetime of breeder support. All pet kittens are spayed/neutered before leaving for their new homes. We offer personal airport delivery throughout the U.S. Inquiries welcome!  

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