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Picture of Bengal Cat - Summerside Bengals   Summerside Bengals
Wendy Basham
Member Since: September 2006

Kitchener, ON

Tel: (519) 577-9652

Email: email@summersidebengals.com


Kittens Available
  We run a small cattery to ensure our kittens have the necessary attention they need to thrive as wonderful and healthy pets throughout their lives. Our cats and kittens are raised underfoot, handled and spoiled daily! We are a FELV/FIV free cattery and breeding cats are tested for HCM. Kittens are sent home spayed or neutered and with up-to-date vaccinations and all this is included in the cost. We also welcome visitors to the cattery!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Miracinonyx   Miracinonyx
Bevin Anderson
Member Since: August 2007

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Tel: (519) 822-5381

Email: spottedcats@miracinonyx.com


  My name is Bevin Anderson and I represent my family and our cattery with a rich history in raising quality pets for our own enjoyment. We use that personal experience and education to bring you quality cats for your lifelong companionship and enjoyment. I am a Veterinary Technician with a broad skill base and experience behind me, working professionally with multiple species of animals for over a decade. I have designed our cattery in the best interests of our cats health, welfare and daily enrichment. Our Cattery is registered under the CFA/TICA, and our Queens, Studs, and kittens are registered by CFA/TICA depending on breed. We spend many hours daily with our cats socializing them not just because we should, but moreover because they are loved and enjoyed members of our family. They are raised with daily exposure to children and our dogs to maintain their well rounded and accepting personalities.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Aristakatz Forest City Bengals   Aristakatz Forest City Bengals
Susan Meakin
Member Since: October 2009

London, Ontario, Canada

Tel: 1-519-858-0928

Email: smeakin@uwo.ca


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  Aristakatz is a small in-home cattery located in South Western Ontario. I am working with both rosetted patterns as well as marbles on a medium to large-boned cat (8-14 lbs). I currently have foundation animals with both brown and/or black marbling patterns as well as the spotted/rosetted patterns overlaid on a range of background colors including Tricolored (gold, brown, black), Silver as well as Snow. Kittens are raised under foot and are well socialized. Aristakatz Bluewatered Nights is shown at 4 months and will be an outstanding stud.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - BENGALS ROCK   BENGALS ROCK
Member Since: June 2012

The Rocky Saugeen, Ontario, Canada

Email: rockonbengals@gmail.com


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  Rock On Bengals ~ Natural Beauties Raised with Nurture and Nature ~ Socially well adapted F1 Cubs available to responsible, loving homes that clearly demonstrate a commitment to sharing life with these unique feline paragons. Or perhaps a traditional Bengal 5 or 6 generations from the Leopard Cat is a better fit with your personality and lifestyle. Either way, we offer outstanding Bengal Leopard cubs, kits and cats to qualifying applicants. You are encouraged to contact us for more information about our placement process. Worldwide shipping or personal delivery available to approved homes. Canadian CITES export permit included with all F1, F2, F3, F4 Early Generation cubs.

Longtime Recipients of the C.K.C. Life Membership Award

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