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Picture of Bengal Cat - Serene Cats   Serene Cats
Susan Smalley
Member Since: September 2022

Liberty, West Virginia

Tel: (304) 549-3498

Email: SereneExoticCats@gmail.com


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Kittens Available
  I am a small cattery located in the Mountains of WV. All my kittens are raised in my home being socialized and experiencing the things that go on in my everyday home activities.

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Picture of Bengal Cat - Trendar Bengals   Trendar Bengals
Holly L Baker
Member Since: June 2000

West Virginia

Tel: (304) 982=5932

Email: HollyWV@Hotmail.com


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Kittens Available
  People want the temperament I breed for\r\n

\r\nBesides my cats being gorgeous and of the best quality I spend time playing with all my kittens making sure my kittens are accustomed to many different sights and sounds and activities.\r\n

\r\nMy socialization is a priority making my kittens Child safe with sweet, gentle tolerant, active, interactive playful confidence. They Wiggling when they want down but Never extending their claws or bite .....

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