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Monique Dillon
Member Since: September 2021

Kingsland GA

Tel: (912) 464-2691

Email: LapLeopardBengals@aol.com


Kittens Available
  Our cattery is on the Georgia/Florida border and will be servicing all of Florida and Georgia. We also offer a personal transport service by driving along the entire US east coast to Norwich, CT for a minimal $300 fee. This allows us to offer bengals to those in all the states along the east coast of the US and New England. Our SUV is specifically altered, giving the kittens the entire back end to roam freely. The kittens get to ride in a stress-free environment where they have full access to food, litter, each other, and multiple layers of hammocks!\r\n

\r\nOur aim is to produce visually stunning Bengals with very contrasted markings, dark black-ink outlined doughnut rosettes, no rib bars, and completely broken up rosettes with a pleasing horizontal flow pattern. We also listen to our buyers and breed according to demand. Breeding Bengal cats is our passion and matching the right kitten with a wonderful new home is our goal. \r\n

\r\nWhen you buy a Bengal kitten from Lap Leopard Bengals they come well socialized with great temperaments that are kid tested and parent approved. Our three children are very involved with the kittens from birth, they love to play with the them and this gets them acclimated to noisy households with small children.
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