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Membership to BengalBreed.com is referral only. If you are interested in joining please fill out the form below and click "submit".

Please include the name of the breeder who referred you.

As a Bengalbreed.com member you get the following benefits:

A first page listing on the top ranked BengalBreed.com website. BengalBreed.com is one of the top most websites on Google and other major search engines.

Kittens posting privileges to the Kittens Available Yahoo Group the largest Bengal classified Yahoo Group in the world. Only members of BengalBreed.com can post Bengal kittens and cats to the groups over 2800 members.

Optional participation privileges in our full page ads in Cat Fancy Magazine, Cats USA, Kittens USA and our full page back cover ads in the TICA Trend and Bengals Illustrated Magazine.. BengalBreed.com is the most widely advertised Bengal cat breeders group in the world and is the only Bengal group that advertises in all these publications and features its members in the ads as well.

The cost for membership is $19.99 a month and for more information you can click the "Contacts" link and email us or call me directly at 1 877 572-8266 toll free.

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